via 17.21 Women, 1971 at UC Berkeley by Nikki Arai.

I come from a strong line of women — warriors escaping war and bamboo spikes while carrying children in their wombs, entrepreneurs running noodle shops and construction businesses, and survivors of the ocean’s relentless fury crossing waters into an entirely new life. Nothing could prepare me for the women in my family being afraid to go to the grocery store. Killed, punched, and being lit on fire. This is what we ran away from.

Today, this St. Patrick’s Day marks my 29th anniversary of arriving in the U.S. In so many ways, I am the American dream— a Harvard graduate…

2018 Seattle Food Recommendations

Here’s a continuation of all the places I love in Seattle and surrounding areas, started this list for a new friend who was starting out in a leadership role in Seattle and I thought it would be a great way for them to get to know our city through food. Fast forward a few years and I’m constantly sharing this with visiting friends and family.

Updates this year: added my favorite pop-ups, day trip delights, favorite brunch places, noodle soups, pizza (why was there not a section before to this important category?), northern Thai food and ice cream have also…

A friend just asked me for some restaurant recommendations — here’s some off of the top of my head — wanted to post it here for reference. Have a fave? Add yours in the comments section!

$ = Less than $10/entree plate
$$ = Less than $20/entree
$$$ = $30+/entree
$$$$ = High end dining

2017 TOP 5
Sushi Kashiba
BaBar/Soi — Tie
Thanh Son Tofu
Upper Bar Ferdinand

2015 TOP 5
Marination Makai

Best Views
Mbar (Night Out)
Maximilien (Romantic dinner)
Westward and Lil Gull Grocery (Summer Sunset)
Salty’s at Alki (Sunday Brunch)


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